The Silhouette​​​​​​​
City: Miami | Store: 2 | Perspective: 1 | Edition: 1/1 @ OpenSea

I spent hours in Wynwood that day, shooting somewhere around 100 photographs. This one caught my eye because even though the scale of the mannequin was massive, still the silhouette of the woman was the one that depicted the strength and resilience I needed to feel.
City: Miami | Store: 2 | Perspective: 2 | Edition: 1/1 @ OpenSea

This is my fifth photograph in my NFT Collection, “In Between”. At times I find myself running around with so many things in my mind and lost. Could it be because I am distracted by storefronts and their glamor? … missing out on moments since I was drawn to my smartphone...
City: Miami | Store: 2 | Perspective: 3 | Edition: 1/1 @ OpenSea

At age 19, I worked as a nanny in London, UK, looking after kids, cleaning, and working long hours. At times, I felt in between who I really was - fragile, and whom I pretended to be - tough… still I kept walking.
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